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Thread: Where to buy replacement compact spare tire?

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    Where to buy replacement compact spare tire?

    A few months back I had a tire give up the ghost on me. I pulled the never used compact from the trunk and couldn't fit the flat 18" in the trunk, so a full-size spare is out of the question. The next morning pulled out of the garage and some kids waiting for the school bus on my street told me the spare was flat. I found a pair of good used tires (turned out to be runflats) and had them mounted. Last week I apparently picked up some screws from the street next to a new townhouse development downtown and developed a slow leak... a slow leak that's difficult if not impossible to detect in runflats without TPMS. Long story short I destroyed the runflat.. it was trashed but it got me home.

    So I need a new compact spare, size 125/70 R18, but have not a clue wher to find one. Checked the usual suspects, couldn't find anything on Tire. Rack or Discount, et al. The Google machine wasn't much of a help, just lots of links to for sale ads on forums, but I seriously don't want to buy a used one as the ten year old brand new one in the TT didn't make it 20 miles or 24 hours bolted to the car. And as stated previously, a full size rim and tire won't fit in the roadster.

    Also, don't use runflats without TPMS, and don't use runflats on rims that weren't designed for them. The tire guy had one hell of a time removing the shredded tire and as nearly a difficult time removing the good one. (We didn't know they were runflats until they were removed)

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    Try eBay. For Audi the only things I found were for the A6 and A5 and they were listed as 15x4, 16x4 and 17x4. There were some listed as 18x4 but they were for a Murono. You might call and see if those are compatible with yours.

    I did see an Allroad compact spare but no indication on what size it was.
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    I was able to google this site.

    I know its a little bit wider then what you are looking for buit it might work.
    They have a 135/70/r18 for $238.92

    I also found a site that is in Europe that has the correct size tire but not sure if you would want to order from there.
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