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Thread: Anybody going to Eagles Canyon April 1st?

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    Anybody going to Eagles Canyon April 1st?

    I got this email from Joseph at Moto Liberty...

    I think I will be signing up for this.

    "April 1st is the day for fooling around and where else to do it better than on the track?! RideSmart motorcycle school ( and I have put together a little something to get everyone out and about on the track at Eagle’s Canyon Raceway ( for Sunday April 1st 2012. Track days are normally around $140 to $210 but for that Sunday, it’s only $120! Not only is that a great price, but your pal here at Motoliberty, has gotten Randy at RideSmart to give all my customers an extra 15% off! THAT’S A TRACK DAY AT $102!!! So everyone, new, intermediate, or seasoned veterans are all welcomed and will be classed accordingly. If you are a brand new to the track riding world, have no fear, there will be others like you including a couple of our own Motoliberty residents. Do you need race fairings you ask? NO! Well, what about safety wiring the bike? NOPE! Although, there are still guidelines to follow and rules to run by which you can find here -> So, how do you get the discount? Simply, go to and register for the April 1st track day and enter the code: PR.MOTOLIBhuyd10 and WA-LA! You are now set! You now have all the details; it’s up to you to not be the “Fool” left out. See you there!

    P.S. I’d like to keep a tally of how many Motoliberty customers are attending at the discounted rate, so please shoot me an e-mail when you register. For any questions, please contact me, Joseph, at 972-243-5995 or e-mail “Attention to: Joseph” at I’ll be happy to help you, especially if it’s your first track day.
    Track day slots are limited so it’s first come, first serve. This isn’t something to wait on! See you on the track!"

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    I might. My mom, stepfather & sister are coming into town this weekend, so I'll see how things pan. Great pending too of course & if the track stays reasonable. Great fun to ride there...
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